A beautiful Ash wood dining set from Finland.

The woven back rests and seats and carved features were intricately crafted with attention to detail as all Scandinavian pieces are. The dining table extends and can seat 8 people, but the set came with 4 chairs only. The table extends at 1 end only.

During the 1970s Asko produced some bold, directional pieces in a range of colours too. All excellent quality and very much ahead of its time. This classic set would work well in interior schemes like a eclectic mix of great design, a traditional, homespun and whimsical interior, or an ultra modern kitchen/dining space. Matching sideboard with cabinet available separately or together. More info Established in 1918 by Aukusti-Asko-Avonius, the company originally began as a small carpentry workshop located in Lahti, 100 kilometres north of Helsinki. By the 1930s, the company had developed into the largest furniture retailer chain in Finland and the largest furniture supplier in the Nordic counties. Asko has collaborated with several prominent designers throughout their long history, and on celebrating their 90th anniversary in 2008, Asko also re-released several of their older pieces. During the company’s heyday in the 1960s and 1970s, Asko was a byword for style and innovation and was a pioneer of the Mid-Century – and Danish – Modern movements.


Table: Length 129.5cm as is.

Extendable Length +200cm Height 74cm.

Chairs: Width 47 x Length 44 x Height 83 cm


Please email if interested with name of item you would like to purchase.


Asko dining table Scandinavian pieces

The dining table extends and can seat 8 people, but the set came with 4 chairs only. The table extends at 1 end only.

Ashwood veneer with solid wood legs

Top of table four table and chairs

woven cord string seats

Chairs sits comfortable under the table

four dining chairs

Chairs are woven using cords

Ashwood table

standard size table

comes with an extended table

extended table

wear and tear on the ashwood

wear and tear on a corner of the veneer


closer detail of the woven cords.

wood grain and woven cord string

closer detail of the woven cords.

unique carved tetail on chairs

Wood carve detail

metal feet under chairs

Metal studs on the underside of the chairs

asko brand logo

Asko Export prove of authenticity

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