John Tabraham lounge suite for Novacraft. R6,000

The set originally came with armchairs that we reupholstered and sold.
We contemplated reupholstering this set too but decided not to.

Grafton Everest has a similar chair design with the back support in wood and not wireframe as while as the arms are slight different shaped  to the nova craft. Beautifully restored wood frames with a natural teak finish. Fortunately the original back support rings and rubber straps were undamaged. You don’t easily find these straps. They’re strong, durable and comfy with cushions. With new foam and fabric this will be a showstopper vintage lounge suite. The side table was restored but still shows ware and patina.

3 seater sofa
Length 180cm Width 77cm Height 70cm

2 seater sofa
Length 127.1cm Width 77cm Height 70cm

Corner table
Length 77cm Width 77cm Height 42.5cm

They’re strong, durable and comfy with cushions.

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