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We came across these beautifully hand crafted Talavera ceramics made by renowned Mexican potters. Handmade by studios in Puebla, Mexico, and is 100% lead-free as well as microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. The details are outstanding, and due to the kiln’s high firing temperature all the Puebla Talavera is also crack and chip resistant.

A highly detailed and colorful Talavera plate by the renowned ceramic studio of maximo Huerta Machorro, this plate represents the finest in authentic Talavera.
Hand made from Puebla’s rich soil, then fired and finished with precision and artistry.Used for dining or for decorating walls.
24cm long x 24cm wide 3cm depth

Talavera La Corona Tlax mex hand painted pitcher vase
Hand crafted by the renowned potter Cayetano Corona Gaspariano in San Pablo Del Monte, Tlaxcala, Mexico in the 1980’s.
6cm wide x 9cm long arm long 24 cm depth

Talavera bowl
A beautiful bowl that can be used for dining.
The potters name cannot be identified as it’s fade I’m afraid.
18cm long x 18cm wide 6.5cm depth

Talavera Planter vase
A beautiful vase planter with colorful artwork.
The potters name was washed away.
Water will eventually erode Talavera pottery, even though it’s glazed, dried flowers are preferred or use water occasionally in the pitcher and vase.
17cm long x 17cm wide 4.4cm neck width 22cm tall

Talavera spoon rests
The perfect spoon rest to keep your kitchen counter clean. 100% led free with an eyelet to hang easily
19cm long x 8cm wide 3cm depth

Authentic Talavera pottery is quite sought after.

Handmade by studios in Puebla, Mexico

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