blogImbuia Mid century sideboard credenza. Sold

Imbuia Mid century sideboard credenza. Sold

This sideboard’s had quite the facelift. We found it a while ago, hidden away and covered by other pieces in a much too crowded basement.

We had it couriered and was surprised it had so much ware when we got it. Our restorer gave it quite the makeover recently, and you won’t know it but it looks amazing. We did what we could with the right-hand key hole as it was badly worked on. Nevertheless, it’s a lovely vintage piece with patina. A solid structure with ample storage space in either the draws or sliding door compartment or side door. Perfect for an entertainment unit, or for books decor and paintings.


Width 50.5cm length 152.5cm height 76.5cm


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restored credenza

restored imbuia sideboard















4 drawers and drop-down cabinet

Two siding draw, 4 drawers and drop down cabinet

















our kitty cat admiya the sideboard.

.our kitty cat admires the sideboard.














Green velvet on top draw

Green velvet on top draw.














we had to cover the keyhole.

we had to cover the keyhole.














lovely wood patina

lovely wood patina































top veneer has been restored

top veneer has been restored



















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