blogImbuia 3 seater Mid century Couch by Airflex.

Imbuia 3 seater Mid century Couch by Airflex.

Gorgeous low sunk, wide Airflex Mid century daybed couch. With striking curves and woodwork. Longer than most 3 seater couches.

Perfect for an open spaced lounge, sun room, studio and waiting room. Wood restoration is R1500 extra as it will take about three working days to, removing old varnish, giving it a contemporary makeover in a matt finish if preferred. New fabric will do wanders too. Airflex was a sort after South African furniture maker during the 70’s and 80’s a real local brand. We were luck to still have a few of these pieces floating around.


Airflex Mid century daybed couch

soild imbuia wood













Airflex Mid century soild imbuia wood

low angle shot of three seater






Front couch















South African furniture maker logo airflex

Airflex logo















imbuia wood

detail of the imbuia wood















upholstery seen better days

Another closeup of armrest. Varnish started peeling off.
































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