Gorgeous Mahogany Mid century loveseat and armchair lounge. Sold

I absolutely love this love seat and armchair set. Love seat couches are so cute, cuddly, cosy and so versatile. A gorgeous set for a smaller space. Or adding refined Mid century finesse to more unique pieces in a larger space. The Mahogany frame was restored and finished off with a Matt Harlequin finish giving the set a refined look accentuating the gorgeous designed arms and sides.

Our woven webbing technique inspired by the Danish are firm, study and feel super comfy to lounge and relax in. The upholstery could do with a clean as it’s still in good nick. Love the textured detail but of course reupholstered they’ll look brand new and super eye catching. We’ve added another 50 years to this gorgeous Vintage sets lifespan.


Couch Length 124cm Width 72cm Height 79cm

Armchair Length 67cm Width 72cm Height 79cm

study and feel super comfy to lounge and relax in

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