Beautifully restored coffee table.

Tariqa loves this piece of furniture. Think is the attention to detail that makes it stand apart from the rest of our pieces. That been said Art deco as always been a glamorous ear A minimalist Art Deco piece with amazing oak wood grain detail, gold trimmings, and beech wood legs and sides. Finished off with harlequin natural sealer.

Perfect for the lounge, studio, gallery, agency or waiting room.

A beautiful piece that will be admired.

Length 120cm Width 60cm Height 40cm


Here is the link to our sooldsonew facebook page.


Art deco

top view of art deco table

restored art deco coffee table

side view of art deco table

period art deco table with plated trimmings

close up of wood grain

detailed art deco legs

closeup of legs

detailed wood shapes classic art deco style

wood grain

detailed wood shapes classic art deco style

wear and tear on edges of table

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