4 modular sofa by Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen & Torben Lind priced R12500 reduced from R16000

For France and Sons. The modular system consists of four chairs that can be arranged as you wish. This beautiful and stylish seating is a collaboration between two designers by the name of Ole Gjerlov-Knudsen and Torben Lind and released in the 60’s. It’s a versatile and stylish piece of furniture and one that expertly straddles both modern and vintage so it will fit in excellent with most interior design endeavours. It’s incredibly striking, yet simplistic, that sits understated in you living space.

The wood is teak which we had restored. The fabric needs to be reupholstered as it needs a good clean. It has the France and sons mark for collectors who needs that stamp of authenticity.

Dimensions of chair:

incredibly striking, yet simplistic, thats sits understated

An advert from November 1968 showcase t

he France & Sons Modular design.

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