blogDesign classic the NY folding chairs by Takeshi Nii.

Design classic the NY folding chairs by Takeshi Nii.


Japanese designer Takeshi Nii

was inspired by the simplicity and style, form and materials used in Mid Century Danish design. He created this functional and chair in 1958. It still holds the form and shape over the years through the tube frame with the upholstery. I’ve spent time polishing the chrome tube x frame and restored the teak wood with a clear varnish. The upholstery was covered with an overlay over the years so, it’s still in good condition. Think it’s something we need to learn when using pieces is to always cover them so to not damage the original material.

This versatile chair tucks away on a whim, folding to just 12.7cm in width for storage in the smallest of spaces. It has won numerous awards and became a permanent feature in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) New York collection in 1970. I’ve gone on the MOMA website for more information on the chair but found nothing. I’ll keep search and will update the post if i find anything new.

Dimensions: H 86.36cm x W 58.42cm x Depth 66.04cm , Seat: 33.02cm in front, 21.84 in back.

wood armrest with chromo tubes

simplicity and style of the NY chair.
















original upholstery

shaped backrest with foldup space saver



highly functional and comfortable chair in 1958.


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