blogCharming art deco cabinet makeover

Charming art deco cabinet makeover

We sold a charming art deco drinking cabinet to

a client that then requested us if we could paint the Union Jack on top of the cabinet as a personalised piece. We decided against printing a vinyl sticker which over time might wear off at the edges especially after everyday usage. To using oil paint as getting the paint smooth onto the surface might be difficult. We went for aerosol spraycan as we felt it would give a smoother finish and it had more control over how the end result would look.


covered in newspaper

Tariqa and i started by carefully covering the cabinet not to have paint over the cabinet. We however, forgot to cover our furniture around it.


First spray

Step by Step process on applying the artwork

• First mask the shape of the flag

• Then added sprayed on the colour.

• Covered the area until paint was dry.

• Repeat the process.

This process took afew hrs until final image.

We then added on the final highlights. To give the weathered look.


Add splatter effect

Here’s the finished look we just needed to add on the side materials to cover the holes on the side.

Art deco cabinet

Finished look


















Art deco cabinet

open door


closed door


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