Stunning brown set with heavy, solid imbuia frame, impeccable craftsmanship, low sunk design in flawless brown upholstery. There are no cracks, the joints are perfect with a spring system that needs spares. Lightening the wood grain and ending off with a raw matt finish. Restoration will be R300 extra per chair. We have a 3 seater couches of this set too. Airflex is a South African furniture Co that made furniture during the 60’s. We have two single seat and 3 seater too.


Low sunk design in flawless brown upholstery.


Solid imbuia frame with spring system


Slight raised view













































IMG_4861 low res

Closeup of the wood grain. The varnish has worn over the years touch up with wooddoc a dull restoration will cost extra.

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