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The Life

of Vintage pieces

It’s been quite a number of years when we unexpectedly embarked on this journey. Finding once beautiful Mid century and vintage classics with striking designs, minimalist lines, well crafted frames and evidence of tradesmen that took pride in perfection and quality.
Pieces that lived fifty years or so, who were loved, admired and flaunted to visitors and family members, who may have been forgotten over time, or passed on to more generations and found themselves in our hands. With extra care and attention to repair work, clamping, and re-upholstering we help to transform these pieces. Giving them pride and status and comfort so that they may embark on another journey, another family, another home or workplace. A place to be marvelled and loved. SoOldsoNew is proud of what we’ve achieved and have so much more we would like to embark on.

We’ve recently started using an upholsterer who was referred to us by a Client, who is globally recognised for her Authentic Mid century collection, in her gorgeous home. Many of her pieces, were reupholstered by him. And they are impeccable. We cannot drop our prices I’m afraid as they cost us a fortune. You are welcome to view them and sit on them via. an appointment. www.sooldsonew.co.za 0714095824

We sell from home. Address: 24 Lower Scott Rd, Observatory, 7925 Cape Town, South Africa
Please contact us to make an appointment to view. Email: sooldsonew@gmail.com Contact: Tariqa 0714095824 or Gavin 0767095023


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