A space for the love of design,

art and crafted furniture cared for and sold

Our Story it all started years ago...

Before my husband and I met. Gavin had a dream. He bought a house, rented it out while travelling and working abroard. Always knowing though that someday this house would provide a space.
A space where his love for design, art and appreciation for tastefully crafted furniture would be cared for and sold. We moved in and made it our home recently, got married and after much deliberation,procrastination, and pushing from my part, we finally started collecting beautiful pieces.
We simply adore retro furniture. We’d find a beauty at garage sales, auctions and wherever we could. Our prayers somehow always got us what we wanted.

Every item would come into our home with a different energy, and with some nurturing, sanding, staining, and waxing…,
we’d bring life and love back into it’s soul. The quality, thought, craftsmanship, design, the simplicity and pride is so evident in Midcentury, 1950’s and 60’s pieces.

Somehow our youth is back, our excitement and hours of talk and web surfing, well we cannot deny, “mid century has got us hooked”.  We’ve really just started exploring the idea and philosophy behind our name.

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